History & Quality

hülsta History - from Stadtlohn to the whole world

More than 75 years ago, Alois Hüls opened a carpentry shop with 10 employees in Stadtlohnin Westphalia, thereby laying the foundation for our company. The brand name hülsta arises from the family name of the founder (Hüls) and the place name (Stadtlohn). His son, Karl Hüls, takes over the company in 1960 and forms the best-known German manufacturer of furniture from it.

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Quality. Design. Individuality.

One look, one touch is enough to recognize real quality. It shows itself in exclusive design, carefully selected materials, high-quality workmanship and handcrafted details.

You can feel it as sustainability, as a flawless function, as a long shelf life and permanent beauty that retains its charm over the years. This is the type of quality for which hülsta has become synonymous.

When manufacturing our furniture, we place great value on the careful use of resources, on durability and a good living environment. That is why we ensure that our wood comes from controlled stocks of sustainable forestry and do not use tropical woods. Sustainable furniture production naturally also includes the use of environmentally friendly paints and glues for a healthy climate -outside and in your home.

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Quality and sustainability with a letter and seal

Quality assurance, sustainability and consumer protection are at the top of hülsta's corporate list of values. Hardly any other furniture manufacturer in Europe has been recognized by as many independent institutions for the quality of its products and its corporate responsibility as we are.


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