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This beautiful villa has been styled and furnished throughout by the Innerspace interior design team.

The elegant seating area in the entrance sets the scene for the rest of the house and features stunning teal Rolf Benz 684 armchairs, which rotate for ultimate comfort. These are paired with the striking Rolf Benz 8330 black coffee tables.

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A seating area combines neutral colours and plays with fabric textures for a modern look. The Freistil by Rolf Benz 186 sofa in green and brown velvet is accented by Freistil 950 cushions. A Freistil by Rolf Benz 186 armchair in grey fabric is the perfect accompaniment and the angular Now! by hulsta coffee table CT14 in walnut, tinted glass & cocoa lacquer completes the look.

A stunning lounge area filled with light is perfect for this large seating area. The Rolf Benz Linea sofa and armchairs in grey and green fabric make an incredible impact and contrast with the high gloss grey & grey lacquer of the Now! by hulsta vision TV unit. The central Now! by hulsta 19 coffee table in walnut & rear lacquered glass grey brings the area together.

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This dining area provides comfortable and stylish seating with rotating Rolf Benz 640 dining chairs in velvet & walnut. The Hulsta ET 1500 dining table in walnut and rear lacquered grey glass works perfectly with the seats and the Hulsta Neo sideboard in high gloss grey lacquer and walnut continues the natural and modern theme.

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Thanks to our friends at Architectural Digest for featuring the Rolf-Benz 945 footstool in their shopping pages.

Whether used as a storage solution, seating option or as an accessory, the RB945 upholstered footrest creates a memorable impression with its graceful appearance and functional character.

Available in three harmonious colour combinations: light oak with the body and cushions in natural and orange, dark oak with black and white and walnut with grey and brown. All can be seen in our Sheikh Zayed showroom.

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Our Bocci light displays continue to cause a stir in the showroom, with clients loving the statement pieces.

Bocci 28 series is particularly popular, with their unique pendant style glass 'bubble'. Hand-made in Canada, they look particularly impactful when hung in a chandelier group. From the moment you enter a home featuring Bocci lights, it makes a clear and striking statement.

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Brie Damouni - Senior Interior Designer Rolf Benz and Hülsta

With over 15 years' experience, a BA in Business Management of Interior Design and an AS in Interior Design from Berkeley, Brie is a seasoned and invaluable member of the Innerspace interior design team.

Prior to moving to the UAE, Brie worked in New York with an interior architect team working on projects across the interior design field. She then worked with Poliform as a project designer, working on minimalist high-end commercial and residential projects. She incorporated the Poliform products to create elegant and functional interiors.

At Innerspace Brie specialises in high end residential design, working closely with clients to help them to design a home that reflects their personality and vision.

Brie hails from the tristate area of the USA and nurtured a passion for design since she was a child taken on museum and arts trips by her parents. She moved to Dubai in 2012 with her husband and has two daughters.

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Hulsta & Rolf Benz Showroom items available now with

up to 50% off



New Innerspace Outlet opening in late 2017. Ex-Display and Discounted stock will be available to purchase on site. More information to follow in the next few months.

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